Teaching program

➔ HERE you can find the current 2024 curriculum

Frankfurt Buddhist Academy (FBAC) is a non-governmental, non-sectarian, and non-political charity, founded in Frankfurt, Germany in 2021. We aim to teach Buddhism, encourage the large public to practice Buddhist spiritual life and promote inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue, irrespective of any differences in one’s origin, skin colour, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. We encourage e-students as well as Buddhist communities, who wish to broaden their Dhamma knowledge with a better and clear understanding of ancient Buddhist philosophical teachings, especially by learning from authentic authorities based on the teachings of the Buddha as found in Pali and Chinese canonical scriptures (Tipiṭaka/Tripiṭaka).


  • The majority of the programs will take place online to give all students from around the world the possibility to access these teachings. 
  • International academic staff from India, China, Canada, Europe
  • All lessons will be recorded and available on the platform afterwards


  • 2 Semesters starting from January, 10. until July, 17
  • 1 lesson per week. Check each program to find more information about starting date, time and how to apply


  • 1 program (24 lessons in total) = €480 euro 
  • If you apply for 2 programs you will receive a 25% discount
  • If you apply for 3 or more programs you will receive a 30% discount
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@frankfurt-buddhist-academy.org 

Introduction of Buddhism to East Asia (starting January)

Tai-Chi ancient Chinese Practice for Good Health (starting January)

Buddhist Geomancy: Theory and Techniques (starting January) - in Chinese Language

Elementary Pāli for Beginners (starting January)

Reading Pāli Suttas (starting January)

Foundations and Developments of Buddhist Teachings in Asia (coming soon)

Introduction to Early Buddhism: Teachings and Their Developments (coming soon)

Elementary Sanskrit for Beginners (coming soon)

Introduction to Theravāda Buddhism: History, Teachings and Practices (coming soon)

Introduction to Mahāyāna Buddhism: History, Teachings and Practices (coming soon)

Why Practice Meditation? Mindfulness and Vipassanā (on-site Frankfurt)

Reading Chinese Buddhist Texts (coming soon)

Yoga and Contemplative Practices (coming soon)

A Buddhist Healing Therapy? The Art of Ancient Shaolin Techniques for Better Health (coming soon)

Martial Arts that Empower Youth (coming soon)

Problems and (Moral) Issues in Contemporary Buddhism (coming soon)

Buddhist Medicine: Principles and Practice (coming soon) - in Chinese

Teaching on Doctrine and Philosophy of Buddhism (on-site in Frankfurt)