ProgramReading Pāli Suttas (starting January)

Pāli is a sacred language of Buddhism and is known as the ‘mother tongue’ of the Buddha Sākyamuni Gotama (Māgadhī Bhāsā). The entire original teachings of the Buddha have been recorded in the Pāli language in the Tipiaka collections, namely: (a) Sutta, or discourses, (b) Vinaya or code of discipline, and Abhidhamma or psychological teachings. Therefore, for one who wishes to deeply understand the words of the Buddha, it is advisable to learn Pāli and then study the original suttas or discourses for one’s own correct understanding and liberation.

The classes will take place every Tuesday from 10. January to 17. July 2023.

Central European Time (CET): 02.00 p.m. - 03.30 p.m.

Eastern Standard Time (EST): 08.00 a.m. - 09.30 a.m.

India Standard Time (IST): 06.30 p.m. - 08.00 p.m.


All classes will be recorded and available on the platform after the lessons.


Lead by Ven. Dr. T. Dhammaratana (France)

Ven. Dr. T. Dhammaratana is a well-known Buddhist leader and a scholar, who has been collaborating with United Nations System more than 15 years. He hold M.A; and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Paris Sorbonne, France. His teaching specialist in the areas of early Buddhism, Buddhist philosophy, Pali Canonical Studies, Peace education and Ethics.

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