Latest newsTraining and teaching programme at the Buddhist Academy Frankfurt am Main

The new programme of the Frankfurt Buddhist Academy will take place again in March and offers a unique opportunity to dive deep into the teachings of Buddhism. Every Sunday, we cordially invite you to participate in our events and learn the sacred sutras and how to perform Buddhist rituals from our experienced masters, Master Shiyun and Fabao.

The sutras, as sacred scriptures of Buddhism, form the core of Buddhist teachings. In our interactive sessions, you will have the opportunity to study these profound texts and grasp their meaning under the guidance of Master Shiyun and Fabao. Their many years of experience and dedication make them inspiring teachers who will not only impart knowledge but also offer practical insights into the application of these teachings in daily life.

In addition, you will be introduced to the fascinating world of Buddhist rituals. Master Shiyun and Fabao will familiarise you with their extensive knowledge of how to perform these rituals, focusing on authenticity and deep spiritual connection.

Join us and be inspired by the tranquillity and wisdom of Buddhism. The Frankfurt Buddhist Academy programme in March promises an enriching journey of spiritual growth, where you will not only gain knowledge but also deepen the practice of Buddhism in your own life.

Recite Chinese Buddhist Sacred Sutras &
Performance of Buddhist Rituals

Conduct by Venerable Shinyun
•On 3rd March 2024 (from 14h -17h)
•On 15th June 2024 (from 14h-17h)
•On 16th June 2024 (from 14h-17)
Recite & teach sacred Pali Sutras (to beginners)
Conduct by Venerable Master Shi Fa Bao

•On 17th March 2024 (from 14h-16h)
•On 24th March 2024 (from 14h-16h)
•On 31st March 2024 (from 14h-16h)
•On 13th April 2024 (from 14h-16h)
•On 28th April 2024 (from 14h-16h)
•On 23rd June 2024 (from 14h-16h)
•On 7th July 2024 (from 14h-16h)
•On 8th September (from 14h-16h)
•On 22nd September 2024 (from 14h-16h)
•On 6th October 2024 (from 14h-16h)
•On 13th October 2024 (from 14h16h)
•On 3rd November 2024 (from 14h16h)
•On 17th November 2024 (from 14h-16h)
•On 15th December 2024 (from 14h-16h)
To get more information and register to the Training & Teaching program please contact:
Ms. Chi: +49-1737413329
Address: Frankfurt Buddhist Academy, Kruppstrasse 122
60388, Frankfurt am Main

Contribution to the participation of 2-hour session of Class: 20 Euros.

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