ProgramBuddhist Medicine: Principles and Practice (coming soon) - in Chinese

This course treats etiology, pathology, therapeutic methods and the life-energy system according to subtle physiology. The expert expatiates on the spirit and logic of the development of Buddhist medicine, draws on the Taoist anatomy of the spirit-mind-body complex of personality and presents an expanded version of the subtle body for yogic/alchemic techniques. From such a perspective, a wide variety of medical and rejuvenating methods are introduced, such as breathing yoga, deity yoga, fasting, astrological visualization, moving meditation, etc.

The starting date of the online teaching classes will be announced soon.

Lead by Professor Zhang Bu Sheng (Singapore)

Prof. Zhang Bu Sheng has taught and helped numerous people by using the three arts of healing, viz. astrology, geomancy (i.e. Feng shui) and inner alchemy. Currently, he has nearly 1 million followers worldwide and over 20,000 registered students.

photo。 Zhang Bu sheng