ProgramTeaching on Doctrine and Philosophy of Buddhism (on-site in Frankfurt)

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The Buddha’s 45 years of teaching are recognized as the Dhamma or Buddhist doctrine, recorded in the Tipitaka Pāli Canon. It is very important to learn the original Buddhism or Canonical teachings so as to acquaint oneself with the pure teachings of the Buddha Sakyamuni Gotama. In Buddhism there are 4 main schools teaching Buddhism in the world, namely (a) Theravāda Buddhism (original or ancient Buddhism), (b) Mahāyāna Buddhism (great vehicle or later development of Buddhism), ( c) Vajrayāna Buddhism ( Tibetan tradition of Buddhism known as the Tantrayāna) and (d) Zen Buddhism ( Japanese Buddhism which originated from China). Readers or followers of Buddhism sometimes have confused ideas about important teachings of Buddhism due to the teaching methods in different languages and by different teachers. To ensure a solid foundation of a correct understanding of Buddhism, the Frankfurt Buddhist Academy has started offline classes for its members.

The class will take place:
Every Sunday at 3.30 - 5.00 p.m. (European time) at the Frankfurt Buddhist Academy in Frankfurt.

Note: The classes began November 6, 2022 and will continue until July 17, 2023.

Lead by Ven. Dr. T. Dhammaratana ( Fa Bao)

Ven. Dr. T. Dhammaratana is a traditional Buddhist scholar, who has studied under the Royal Pandits (traditional monastic scholars) in Sri Lanka, having become a
specialist in ancient Buddhist Canonical studies. During his student life in Sri Lanka he acquired a comprehensive knowledge of Pāli, the sacred language of the
Buddha, and of the teachings of Pali Sutras. Furthermore, he studied at Sorbonne University (Paris IV), in France, where he obtained his Ph.D. degree on Buddhist
and comparative Indian Philosophy. He has published a number of research papers and translations in English and French. In recognition of his great service to
Buddhism, in September 2022 he has been honored by international Buddhist scholars, presenting him a Felicitation volume entitled Dharmayātrā.

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