ProgramBuddhist Geomancy: Theory and Techniques (starting January) - in Chinese Language

Geomantic teachings (Skt. vastu) never constitute an independent topic in the Buddha's discourse. A meticulous and well-informed student, however, would probably be impressed by the constant narratives regarding the Buddha's careful selection of a suitable location for significant events and regular practices, including his birth, engagement in asceticism and meditation, spiritual breakthrough, temporary dwellings, the attainment of enlightenment, construction of monastic residences, summer retreat, nirvana, and the erection of his stupa. Multiple factors are assessed according to the early scriptures, such as terrain, riverine environment, vegetation, quality and composition of the soil, the politico-economic situation, and social morality. More often than not, supranormal vision is applied to examine the site's karmic history, the presence of ascetic immortals and awakened sages, the non-human dwellers, the position in the entire cosmos in relation to the celestial bodies, and the connection with previous buddhas. Occasionally, the Buddha comments on the geomantic features that determine the prosperity of certain metropolises. More frequently, he sets general principles and guidelines for monks to find a suitable site to facilitate meditation practice and lays out a design mode for monastic buildings.

With the rise of Buddhist tantras, the culture of sacred mountains as the abodes of Buddhist saints and gods further developed based on Mahayana literature. Teachings became elaborate concerning searching for an ideal site, often caves in the mountain, for ritual performances and yogic practices. Besides the various considerations mentioned above, highlighted are the availability of the empowerment of the saints and protection of the guardian deities, and the detailed procedure of ground preparation.

In this course, Professor Zhang Bu Sheng offers a system of geomantic art to manage environmental energy to improve mental and physical health and facilitate meditation practices and spiritual growth, which is developed through transcendental perspectives of astronomy and astrology, sacred geography, the ethnography of gods, sages and other non-human beings of the rebirth paths. The theory and techniques involve the assessment of prospective homes, interior arrangement, space design and redesign, various energy harnessing and amuletic strategies, and locating the energy vein and centers in the great mountains.

As indicated by numerous examples of the Buddha, eminent monks, and great siddhas, the microcosm of our body is of analogy and constant interaction with the environmental mocrocosm, and the macrocosm, and the transcendental art of geomancy will be a highly useful instrument for those who are pursuing the success of mundane life and spirituo-physical perfection.

The classes will take place online every Saturday from 14. January to 17. July 2023. 

Central European Time (CET): 12.30 p.m. - 02.00 p.m.

China Standard Time (CST): 07.30 p.m. - 9.00 p.m.

Eastern Standard Time (EST): 06.30 a.m. - 08.00 a.m.


All classes will be recorded and available on the platform after the lessons.


Lead by Prof. Zhang Bu Sheng (Singapore)

Professor Zhang Bu Sheng has taught and helped numerous people by using the three arts of healing, astrology, geomancy (i.e. Feng shui) and inner alchemy. Currently, he has nearly 1 million followers worldwide and over 20,000 registered students.

photo。 Zhang Bu sheng