ProgramA Buddhist Healing Therapy? The Art of Ancient Shaolin Techniques for Better Health (coming soon)

The ancient Shaolin Buddhist temple in China is well- known as the most important seat of Zen Buddhism, founded in the 5th century C.E by Master Bodhidharma. This great Zen teacher is recognized as the 28thPatriarch of Mahāyāna Buddhism and as the First Patriarch of Zen Buddhism.  Shaolin Temple has its unbroken record for many past centuries of ancient Chinese medicine, Chan meditation and Martial Arts. The ancient traditional therapeutics of Shaolin are concerned with authentic techniques to heal unknown maladies and guidelines for one’s own good health. FBAC is honoured to have Master Shi Yanlin as one of the spiritual advisors to FBAC, who is the Director in-charge of Shaolin medicine to teach FBAC members how to practice according to Shaolin healing therapies to maintain mental and physical good health.
The starting date of this course will be announced soon.