YOUR DONATION HELPSus to continue to be able to organize events and activities in our Buddhist temple in Frankfurt. We use the funds purely for the promotion of our centre, so that it can continue to exist and we can spread and continue the teachings of the Buddha.
You can make a one-time or recurring donation to us via the following bank details or via Paypal.
We are very grateful for your donation!

Bank details


Your generous contribution will be utilized to maintain regular activities of the Academy. Donations will be made use of for paying the rent of the building and other utilities. Daily and week-end religious activities, hiring University scholars for teaching programs, the materials and work of the secretariat etc. will be covered by your donations as well.

We are welcome to donate to the Academy, according to your capacity, on a monthly basis or annually.

You are invented to donate only to the account of Frankfurt Buddhist Academy to the following Bank Account number:

IBAN: DE84 5005 0201 0200 7679 68


Bank Name and Adress:
Frankfurter Sparkasse
Triebstraße 50
60388 Frankfurt am Main

To achieve the noble objectives of Frankfurt Buddhist Academy in promoting education, culture, humanitarian service and to uphold moral and spiritual development.