Latest newsBuddha, Dharma and Sangha - New Year Prayer Ceremony for the 8th day of the first month of 2023 at Frankfurt Buddhist Academy

The Chinese New Year of 2023 is approaching, and the Frankfurt Buddhist College is celebrating its first Chinese New Year since its founding celebration.
From the beginning to the end of the epidemic, three whole years have been spent by people all over the world in the midst of the health threats posed by the new coronavirus, and it is everyone’s greatest wish to be safe and healthy.
       What do you give yourself at the beginning of 2023? Ask Buddha to give us wealth. Health and peace. Be the best you can be in 2023 and make up for all the regrets and losses of the past three years.
       What to give to your family at the beginning of 2023? Ask Buddha to give the best blessings to our parents and relatives who are far away and close to us, to comfort the distant thoughts and care close to us.
       In 2023, what to send to those sentient beings in all directions who are related to us? May the power of the Buddha and the warmth of the Venerable Master’s compassion illuminate the other side of the world, and redeem those souls who have nowhere to rest, to be reborn in the Buddha’s kingdom and to be free from suffering and happiness!
       On the eighth day of the first month, come to the Frankfurt Buddhist Institute, a place of Buddhism, Dharma and Sangha, and join us to pray for yourself, your family and all sentient beings!
       The Frankfurt Buddhist Institute will hold a New Year’s Prayer Service on January 29, 2023 (the eighth day of the first month)!
       Each Buddhist student will have the opportunity to receive a red knot from the abbot of the sacred monastery in India, where Shakyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment, to put on the wrist of a Buddhist student while chanting sutras!
      Especially in the current year praying for the peace and smoothness of the Buddha’s friends Buddhist disciples, but also a rare good opportunity to pray for their own children for the current year.
09:30 – Arrival of the faithful (write the red card position for blessing)
10:00 – Venerable Xing Yuan leads the monk group and the faithful to recite the Medicine Buddha Sutra, and the faithful to offer lamps.
11:00 – Venerable Master’s instructions
12:30-13:30 – Lunch offering (fasting)
14:00-14:15 – Meditation ( led by Elder Shih Weibao )
15:00 – Chanting of Pali scriptures (led by Venerable Shih Fa Bao) 15:00
Interaction – President Venerable Shih Fa Bao praying for the faithful present to wear the knot of wealth, good fortune and peace.
17:30 End

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