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In the context of everyday globalization – part and parcel of which, no doubt, is Frankfurt am Main and its periphery  the Frankfurt Buddhist Academy was founded in 2021.

In view of worldwide daily events one is permanently apprised of, every sensible and sensitive human being will see the urgent need for doing one’s level best to make, keep and be at peace. Such needful and notable aim can only be achieved through processes of teaching, training and learning. The Frankfurt Buddhist Academy is designed for contributing – as much as possible – to such education by means of religio-cultural events, meditation seminars, intercultural and interreligious dialogue and Buddhist studies both through classroom and online teaching programmes.

The encouraging past experience of members of the Frankfurt Buddhist Academy are reminiscences of happy outcomes of intercultural and interreligious meetings – which should also repeatedly be organized in future. So we will hopefully look forward towards future activities of the Frankfurt Buddhist Academy.

–  Ven. Bhikkhu Pāsādika

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