In our present-day world of globalization, in spite of all unprecedented scientific and material progress, it is all too evident that for humanity and all other sentient beings of our planet survival has become increasingly difficult. Is there a feasible way out of this dilemma for us to be pursued?
The historical Buddha has shown that there is a direct path to solve all our problems and to realize liberation for our own as well as others’ sake, viz. to cultivate insight – meditation. This heart of Buddhist meditation is the core of the practice taught in all Buddhist schools, in those of ancient Buddhism, in the Mahayana schools, in Tibetan Yoga and Zen. The Buddhist practice of meditation – correctly cultivated – will result, here and now, in reducing mental and physical stress, in bringing happiness by eliminating all kinds of pain and sufferings in daily life, which cannot be achieved by any medical treatment.

The Frankfurt Buddhist Academy (FBAC) offers meditation classes every Sunday with a view to making joint efforts to “access” the “Heart of Buddhist meditation”, welcoming the interested public.

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